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Entertainment in the car

20 Jul

Little T: (making grumpy noises and muttering No! periodically)
Me: What’s the matter? (no response)
Me: Are you upset? (no response)
Me: Are you mad?
T: (nodding yes)
Me: What are you mad about?
T: (Taking some time to consider it)… The trees. I’m mad at the trees.
Me: The trees?! (A bit incredulously) What did the trees do?
T: They fall on me. They all falled on me.
Me: Um, I think the trees are okay. No need to be afraid of the trees.

(A little while later)
T: Mommy, the cars run over me. They run over my back.
Me: No, I don’t think they did.
T: Yes. Yes. They did.

He then proceeded to tell me he didn’t like cars, trucks, or motorcycles. Or trees. Which I know is completely untrue since I have 50 zillion matchbox cars and monster trucks in my living room to prove it, with a few motorcycles thrown in. We have also regularly greeted the trees in the past, so who knows what’s up with the sudden mood change. Except that he’s 2, and he can. Wow, I feel like that when I have PMS so I totally understand!