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One day

11 Oct

I have hope that one day I will be sane.  I will regain my pre-pregnancy memory and sanity.  I will remember where I was going after I get 2 feet from my office door.  I will actually remember what file I am looking for when I find myself in the file room, and also the correct file number and what it was that I wanted specifically out of the file.  I will not do laps around the grocery story until I remember the one thing that I forgot to put on my list.  At least, I’m pretty sure I forgot something.  Did I forget something? 

One day, I may actually make it to work on time.  Without the stress and adrenaline of being on time because of a trial, or a major project, or because the boss gave me “that look” last Wednesday when I skulked around the corner at 8:50.  (Damn it, he wasn’t supposed to be at the office until 10.  What’s wrong with him?)   “That look” usually only works for about a week, until I wake up one morning and forget that it happened.  See my previous statement about pre-pregnancy memory. 

One day, I may be able to have a conversation with my husband without my son yelling, “Mommy!  Mommy!  Excusememommy, Excusememommy, Excusememommeeeeeee!”  When I do stop to see what it is that he needs so badly that he’s willing to sacrifice everyone in the room’s eardrums, he will not say, “Um……look at that!” and point to the refrigerator because he can’t come up with anything else.   Actually, that’s okay, because one day I will probably be the one willing to sacrifice my eardrums to get HIS attention.  “ExcusemeT, excusemeT, Excuuuuuusemeeee!  Um, how was your day?” 

As part of regaining my sanity, one day I will not confuse my files, thus confusing my boss and looking like an idiot when I tell him that the nurses depositions are set for 3 weeks from now in case X, when, in fact, they are set but in case Z.  Thus requiring an emailing explaining that my brain is scrambled and I am not entirely incompetent.    

One day, I may be able to …..um….. oh, damn it.  I forgot, never mind.   

PS – Do not burst my bubble by explaining that I’m getting older and will probably never again see even a fraction of the memory that I used to have.  It’s my fantasy.  And it’s Monday; isn’t that bad enough?