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The one where I finally get holiday-ish

20 Dec

This year, I have totally sworn off stressing about Christmas and presents.  Maybe what I have mistaken for my lack of Christmas spirit is really just feeling laid back and choosing to focus on things other than what I need to buy.  (That’s my story, anyway.  Don’t laugh.)  Seriously, I didn’t even make out a list of Christmas gifts to buy until Saturday morning.   By the way, if you’re over 5 years of age and on my list, you’re getting a gift card from me.  Whenever anyone in my family has asked me what I want, I tell them I don’t need anything.  And I really don’t.  Okay, I need a replacement for my blackberry since I still haven’t done anything with it since I dropped it and broke the screen.  But I have to research phones to death before I can possibly pick a new one. 

Otherwise, I’m having fun buying presents for my son and coordinating with my relatives the things they are buying him.  Everybody asked me what to buy him this year and it looks like everybody might actually get those things.  Although my mom has a history of saying she’s going to buy “X” and we wind up with something that’s not “X”, and usually not even in the alphabet.  So that shall remain to be seen. 

Buying for my nieces is also a treat.  It’s one of the few times a year I get to look at all the frilly, girly stuff and buy dolls and things.  As a side note, I wish the clothes manufacturers would make adorable little girl things in something besides PINK upon PINK.  Seriously, it was enough to make me nauseous.  I finally found an adorable chocolate brown and light blue outfit for my youngest niece that I know my sister is going to love.  Although I did almost buy her a pink dump truck just because boys shouldn’t have all the fun with dump trucks.  More dump trucks should be pink.  I wound up with a pink bus instead because it did more cool things.  Tough vehicles + pink = awesome.  (Barbie vehicles, excluded.)

I also have a newfound motivation to do some Christmas baking and wrap presents.  Seeing as I actually have some presents to wrap now!  I escaped got to go Christmas shopping by myself Saturday morning, and it was glorious.  I didn’t even care that I had to walk a mile to the store from where I parked.  I’m going to be a whirlwind of festivity in the next few days.  Stand back, damn it. 

In the spirit of focusing on the things I have, I have to say I am very thankful that I got 3 new cases in the past week or so.  For some reason, it’s been a little quiet at the office lately and I’m thrilled we got in new cases.  Attorney A asked me if I wanted the first one and I accepted before I knew that Attorney B specifically directed that 2 more be assigned to me.    An additional 2 cases came in last week, but they haven’t been assigned.  I’m praying someone else gets those, as I like new cases, but I’m not that crazy.  Yet. 

One of my old cases is going bye-bye and I’m happy for the “fresh meat.”  I’m sure I had a little bit of a crazed glint in my eye when I first started pouring over the complaint and sifting through the few medical records that we have already.  Maybe I’m just a nerd that way, but I love the beginning of a new case.  New medical issues!  New medical history and records!  New things to research!  New holes to poke in the plaintiff’s theory!   Okay, sometimes it’s new tragedy, too, when there’s been a particularly devastating outcome, and that’s the not so good part. 

But I haven’t had a new case in so long that I was dying to get my hands on something I hadn’t already gone over or researched.  I practically devoured that small set of medical records and poured through the literature at record pace.  I have already drafted a memo to the attorney with my initial findings and proudly placed it on his desk.  He probably won’t even look at it until the beginning of the year.  But damn it, it’s done!  I also love that feeling of having reached a point where I can say I have done everything there is to be done a case so far.  That happens so very rarely that I savor it when I can.

I hope everyone is able to relax some this holiday season and enjoy the things that really matter.  This is really the most heartwarming post I have read all year, by The Bloggess, and is tops in my book of awesome holiday posts.  You have to read it, and maybe have Kleenex nearby, depending on your hormonal status.  (Provided you are female.  Sorry, don’t mean to be prejudicial to the guys.  But maybe some of you guys have hormonal issues, too. Whatever.  Enjoy!)    Oh, and after all that heartwarminess, you might want a laugh.  And this is my most favorite funny Christmas post this year, by Mom In A Million

In case I get totally wrapped up in that festive tornado I plan on whipping up this week, and don’t get back to post, have a most wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever the hell you like.  Just make it good!