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Entertainment in the car, etc.

14 Oct

Yesterday, T’s teacher informed me that his “job” at preschool for the week was being the “book collector.”  I asked him on the way home what his job was this week.  Receiving no response, I asked, “Are you the book collector?”  T: “No, I’m Superman.”  Ooookay, my mistake. 

I got my flu shot today & my stupid arm already hurts.  So I figured that means I deserve fries for lunch.  The nurse told me to be sure and drink lots of fluids today, so I’m pretty sure that means the spicy fries are medically necessary.  Mmmm….yummy medicine. 

While I was in the drive-thru, I noticed the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that proclaimed, “Join the Food Revolution!”  I want to know which food revolution includes burgers and fries because I will totally join it.  I’m revolutionary like that.   Viva fried potatoes!

Short post today – I’m doing medical research today and that’s taking away an inordinate number of brain cells that would normally be used for a much more useful post.   Happy almost Friday!