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Entertainment in the car, etc.

14 Oct

Yesterday, T’s teacher informed me that his “job” at preschool for the week was being the “book collector.”  I asked him on the way home what his job was this week.  Receiving no response, I asked, “Are you the book collector?”  T: “No, I’m Superman.”  Ooookay, my mistake. 

I got my flu shot today & my stupid arm already hurts.  So I figured that means I deserve fries for lunch.  The nurse told me to be sure and drink lots of fluids today, so I’m pretty sure that means the spicy fries are medically necessary.  Mmmm….yummy medicine. 

While I was in the drive-thru, I noticed the car in front of me had a bumper sticker that proclaimed, “Join the Food Revolution!”  I want to know which food revolution includes burgers and fries because I will totally join it.  I’m revolutionary like that.   Viva fried potatoes!

Short post today – I’m doing medical research today and that’s taking away an inordinate number of brain cells that would normally be used for a much more useful post.   Happy almost Friday!


Friday! Wheeeee!

1 Oct

Things I love about today:

  1. It’s not yesterday.  Or any other day from this week, for that matter.  It’s not that this week has really been all that bad; I’m just very ready for it to be over.  Thank you, very much.  
  2. Of course, there is the obvious point, which is that Friday is the gateway to the weekend.  The day where we can cut ourselves a little slack because it’s the end of the week, and we should just get credit for making it this far.  The day where the awesomeness that is the weekend can begin!  Unless you have to work this weekend.  In which case, Friday is just a sad reminder that there is no awesomeness for you.  Sorry.  
  3. We no longer have multiple green (and sometimes yellow and red) blobs taking aim at our city on The Weather Channel.  We’ve had more than our share of rain lately.  The sun is shining!  It’s not 90 degrees!  I love you, sun, please stay.  Screw what they say about the whole rotation of the planet and seasons changing, blah, blah, blah.  How about you just stick around a lot more, what do you say?  I’ll make you cookies? 
  4. Hubby has the day off today.  Which means that there is a very good chance he’ll feel inclined to clean the kitchen, or do laundry, or fix dinner.  Because he’s awesome like that.  It might even be ready when I get home.  Did I mention he’s awesome? (Oh crap.  I’ve probably jinxed it and he probably got called into work and my messy kitchen is probably still messy and I’ll have to actually DO SOMETHING when I get home tonight.)
  5. I had 12 views on my blog yesterday!  12!!!   And no, I didn’t check in from 12 different computers.  I can thank my buddy over at paralegal hell for the traffic.  And……drum roll…..OMG…somebody actually searched “Momalegal” today!  Is that not freakin’ great, or what?  That’s actually very exciting for me, seeing as I only had, like, 2 friends reading my blog not long ago, and a little bit weird, too.     

Aaaanndddd….that’s about all I can come up with.  What I dislike about today is that it was really dark this morning when I got up.  I’m not ready for winter yet, with all it’s darkness and coldness.  And I am CERTAINLY not ready to pay the heating bill. 

I also dislike that I had to come back from a perfectly pleasant lunch outside on a patio, to my squalid little office, stacked high with paper (I’m a piler, remember?) and boring, vanilla colored walls without windows.   Actually, it may be a good thing that I don’t have a window today.  That would just seem like torture. 

This morning in the car, Mr. T says out of the blue, “Mommy, I don’t like coffee.”   Um, okay, he’s never had coffee, but whatever.  Way to take a stand, son.  Then he says, “I like tea.  Tea makes me feel good.”   As far as I know, he’s never had tea either, iced or otherwise.  3 seems a little young to be taking a position on the whole coffee vs. tea issue, but maybe he’ll be a tea tycoon when he grows up?  That reminds me, when he was about 2 he would hear the buzzer go off on my coffeemaker and say, “Mommy, foffee!  Foffee is ready!”  It was the Most. Adorable. Thing. EVER. and I hate that I don’t have that on video or something.

Entertainment in the car

20 Jul

Little T: (making grumpy noises and muttering No! periodically)
Me: What’s the matter? (no response)
Me: Are you upset? (no response)
Me: Are you mad?
T: (nodding yes)
Me: What are you mad about?
T: (Taking some time to consider it)… The trees. I’m mad at the trees.
Me: The trees?! (A bit incredulously) What did the trees do?
T: They fall on me. They all falled on me.
Me: Um, I think the trees are okay. No need to be afraid of the trees.

(A little while later)
T: Mommy, the cars run over me. They run over my back.
Me: No, I don’t think they did.
T: Yes. Yes. They did.

He then proceeded to tell me he didn’t like cars, trucks, or motorcycles. Or trees. Which I know is completely untrue since I have 50 zillion matchbox cars and monster trucks in my living room to prove it, with a few motorcycles thrown in. We have also regularly greeted the trees in the past, so who knows what’s up with the sudden mood change. Except that he’s 2, and he can. Wow, I feel like that when I have PMS so I totally understand!