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I’m back again!

12 Oct

Obviously, keeping up with my blog hasn’t been my strong suit this summer.  Or spring, really.  It’s kind of been a roller coaster of a year so far and instead of it slowing down, I think I’m just getting used to it.  Hubby has been working out-of-town a lot, leaving me with the Hellion, who has decided since this spring to really live up to that name.  Seriously, it’s at the point where his teacher & I are discussing plans to address his behavioral issues.   Every time someone gushes over how cute he is, I tell them that God made him extra cute just so I wouldn’t kill him. 

I’ve also decided that I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to blog too seriously, if that makes sense.  To always come up with something educational or helpful in some way.  But that’s not why I started blogging.  Blogging was more of a cathartic process for me in the beginning, and if I entertained someone or helped them feel not so alone in the crazy world of paralegaling or being a working mom, then that’s super cool.  I started getting all serious about it, and of course I started to overanalyze everything which is always my downfall.   Blogging seems easiest for me when I just sit down and start typing without a complicated agenda or anything more than a sentence or two or a general idea in my head.   And that’s what I’m going to try to get back to doing.  So, I apologize now if sometimes it’s just a bunch of bitching or drivel.  It’s me and it’s what I do! 

So I hope to be back to blogging again on a more consistent basis.  I’ve definitely got my feet back under me at work and somehow my “give a shit” has started working again.  It’s nothing short of miraculous.  My fall trial was canceled, giving me some temporary breathing room, thanks in part to one of the biggest lying plaintiffs I’ve ever had the displeasure to run across.  I totally felt like a rock star providing the ammunition to bust them.  But that’s a story for another post!   Now I’m off to bed so I can get some rest and hopefully stave off the cold that my adorable little preschooler has kindly shared with me.  It’s a good thing I love him so much.


Hibernation and the New Year

17 Jan

As I alluded to in previous posts, I tend to want to hibernate in the winter and not do much.  Unfortunately, that’s also affected my blog.  I know I haven’t been blogging much lately, and what I have blogged hasn’t been the most fascinating stuff in the world.  Yeah, you can stop agreeing with me now. 

With the new year, I am renewing my commitment to blog more and to not suck at it.  Or at least try harder not to suck at it.  I have also let my husband talk me into trying a new diet and work out program which only verifies that I have, indeed, lost my mind.  But that’s going to have to be a post of its own.  Yikes.

I’m also changing my attitude about my relationship with some of my co-workers and the office dynamics around here, which is currently similar to one of the levels of purgatory.  As if dealing with some of the attorneys around here wasn’t enough, I’ve got co-workers who seem to revel in drama.  If there isn’t enough every day drama going on, they will just make up some.  I need a sign in my office that says, “Junior High called, they want their drama back.”  Because it’s really that ridiculous.   

Recently, the office gossip-monger, whom I have fallen out of favor with, caught wind of a misunderstanding between me and another paralegal.   Since we’re adults, the paralegal and I discussed it, cleared the air, and moved on.  Even remaining friends – shocking.  Once the gossip-monger realized the paralegal wasn’t going to gossip about our discussion, and dared to actually go to lunch with me, she started snubbing the new paralegal.  Seriously?

Yes, indeed, I have some mature colleagues around here.  It’s like being asked, “Who’s side are you on?” in a 7th grade “fight” that had nothing to do with you.  Did you ever get those notes or get asked that question in Junior High?  This is essentially the same thing, except with email.

If I had to offer advice to new paralegals or anyone entering into the office environment, besides take lots of notes and CYA, I’d tell them to stay out of the gossip, remain neutral and make up their own mind about who to trust and who not to trust.  Personally, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing:  focus on my work, be “office cordial”, and not give a damn what is or isn’t being said.

It’s a lot like Paralegal Hell, who works with female geese on the Death Star, except less Death Star.  And thankfully, I don’t have to share work assignments or cases with the geese in my office.  I can’t even imagine what that would be like. 

What would be your advice for dealing with those “special” co-workers, or how have you handled the “geese” in your life?

Stay tuned for an actual post

28 Oct

There seems to be a bug going around among some bloggers recently.  A fatigue bug.  A Paralegal’s Life, Spilled Milk (more about a break from her kid, but still, fatigue),  and Mom-In-A-Million have all recently blogged about needing a break for various reasons.  Apparently, you can also catch the bug by reading those blogs because I’ve become stricken with it myself.   Nah, really I was already having a hard time coming up with the words or the gumption to blog before I saw the other blogger’s posts.  Then I didn’t feel so bad about my own lack of blog-worthy ideas.  

Of course, then I started thinking, damn, it’s my blog, I should be able to blog when I want and about what I want, right?  I shouldn’t feel bad about it in the first place!  Except I have this tormenting little shrew in my head that always tells me I have to do everything perfect and brings up the times that I totally screwed something up.  (Which are many.)  Then I tell her to shut the hell up, and she starts mocking me and laughing. I start telling her that she’s just a product of my own insecurities, she’s useless and to go away. Then people start staring and uncomfortably step away from me.  (ed note: It’s a great way to clear an aisle at the grocery store.)  I think the shrew is related to the other nasty wench in my head that bestows me with large amounts of mommy guilt and mommy worry, but that’s another post entirely.  I need some “Shrew-B-Gone” that doesn’t come from a $125 an hour practitioner with a comfy couch.  Um…..as usual, I have digressed.

So, bottom line, I guess I’m having a bout of writer’s block.  Or blogger’s block.  Or something block-ish.   Since the trial that was recently set is a no go, I’m now trying to get my head back into the other cases that I have going.  We’re also quickly approaching the holidays death spiral, I have 3 birthdays in our family between now and Thanksgiving, and a friend coming into town for Thanksgiving.  And Oh. My. Gawd.  It’s almost November, ya’ll!  You’ll have to pardon me while I lose my schmidt for a little bit and gather what few brain cells I have remaining to put together something coherent enough to blog.   I’ll get a few thoughts strung together, and then I’m all, uh oh, did I remember to make that phone call?  What the hell am I going to get my mother for her birthday?  Is T’s Halloween party this week, already? Ooooh, look!  A funny email! 

Granted, I am usually a few fries short of a Happy Meal anyway, but the past week or so has reach ridiculous levels of ADD, even for me.  So I’m working on it and I’ll have something in the near future besides the ramblings of a tired and focus-challenged mom/paralegal to post about.   I will be back soon.  I may be on a Halloween candy sugar-fueled binge by then, but back nonetheless.

Well, well, well…

3 Oct

It seems as if my little blog is taking off.  53 views Friday!  53!  Thanks to Paralegal Hell and Practical Paralegalism for the shout outs on their blogs.  You’re awesome, ladies!   I also got added to the Criminal Justice Degree School‘s Top 25 Paralegal Blogs.  Whuck?  (Boy, am I link happy today, or what?)  I think Criminal Justice Degree Schools had a hard time finding 25 paralegal blogs, that’s what I think.  (Which is sad in it’s own way.) Oh well, nonetheless, there I am!  On the internets!  Exciting stuff, I tell ya.

So now what?  Maybe I should give a little more consideration to the rants and drivel that I feel inclined to post.  Nah, that just wouldn’t be me.  I shall press on, drivel and all.  I think I have an interesting little niche, blogging about paralegaling and parenting.   And believe me, there’s a lot of overlapping going on there.   Here is a standard conversation in my office on any given day:  Boss B: Have you seen my Smith notebook?  (While he starts poking around at the other notebooks in my office)  Me: Nope, I don’t have any parts of that case in my office.  Boss B:  Are you sure? (still poking his nose in things).  Me: Yes, I’ll help you look for it.   (Boss B goes back to the file room, and I head to his office.)  Me:  Isn’t this it right here? (Stealthily hidden under 2 sheets of paper on his credenza.)  Boss B:  Oh yeah! Thanks!    It seems a lot like my convo’s with my 3 year old T.  Mommy, where is my dump truck?  I can’t find my dump truck!  (Near tears).  Me: Did you look in the box of trucks?   T:  There it is!  Thanks, mommy!  

Maybe this will actually compel my husband to read my blog?  I tried explaining what was happening with my blog, blogrolls, etc.  I stopped after I started getting his glazed over look.  Still, I bookmarked it so he can find it later, if he feels so inclined.  

Speaking of Hubby, he has taken T to the grocery store (sans nap, God help him) and I was going to post about juggling motherhood and career, but I will save that for another time.  I’m going to use my rare moment of peace to catch up on some DVR’d shows – Whoo hooo!

Friday! Wheeeee!

1 Oct

Things I love about today:

  1. It’s not yesterday.  Or any other day from this week, for that matter.  It’s not that this week has really been all that bad; I’m just very ready for it to be over.  Thank you, very much.  
  2. Of course, there is the obvious point, which is that Friday is the gateway to the weekend.  The day where we can cut ourselves a little slack because it’s the end of the week, and we should just get credit for making it this far.  The day where the awesomeness that is the weekend can begin!  Unless you have to work this weekend.  In which case, Friday is just a sad reminder that there is no awesomeness for you.  Sorry.  
  3. We no longer have multiple green (and sometimes yellow and red) blobs taking aim at our city on The Weather Channel.  We’ve had more than our share of rain lately.  The sun is shining!  It’s not 90 degrees!  I love you, sun, please stay.  Screw what they say about the whole rotation of the planet and seasons changing, blah, blah, blah.  How about you just stick around a lot more, what do you say?  I’ll make you cookies? 
  4. Hubby has the day off today.  Which means that there is a very good chance he’ll feel inclined to clean the kitchen, or do laundry, or fix dinner.  Because he’s awesome like that.  It might even be ready when I get home.  Did I mention he’s awesome? (Oh crap.  I’ve probably jinxed it and he probably got called into work and my messy kitchen is probably still messy and I’ll have to actually DO SOMETHING when I get home tonight.)
  5. I had 12 views on my blog yesterday!  12!!!   And no, I didn’t check in from 12 different computers.  I can thank my buddy over at paralegal hell for the traffic.  And……drum roll…..OMG…somebody actually searched “Momalegal” today!  Is that not freakin’ great, or what?  That’s actually very exciting for me, seeing as I only had, like, 2 friends reading my blog not long ago, and a little bit weird, too.     

Aaaanndddd….that’s about all I can come up with.  What I dislike about today is that it was really dark this morning when I got up.  I’m not ready for winter yet, with all it’s darkness and coldness.  And I am CERTAINLY not ready to pay the heating bill. 

I also dislike that I had to come back from a perfectly pleasant lunch outside on a patio, to my squalid little office, stacked high with paper (I’m a piler, remember?) and boring, vanilla colored walls without windows.   Actually, it may be a good thing that I don’t have a window today.  That would just seem like torture. 

This morning in the car, Mr. T says out of the blue, “Mommy, I don’t like coffee.”   Um, okay, he’s never had coffee, but whatever.  Way to take a stand, son.  Then he says, “I like tea.  Tea makes me feel good.”   As far as I know, he’s never had tea either, iced or otherwise.  3 seems a little young to be taking a position on the whole coffee vs. tea issue, but maybe he’ll be a tea tycoon when he grows up?  That reminds me, when he was about 2 he would hear the buzzer go off on my coffeemaker and say, “Mommy, foffee!  Foffee is ready!”  It was the Most. Adorable. Thing. EVER. and I hate that I don’t have that on video or something.

Things I have learned recently

28 Jul

1. I’m pretty sure Starburst are laced with crack.  Those little suckers are so yummy and addictive, they must have some illegal additive.  And putting a few in your desk drawer and putting the rest of the bag in a further away desk drawer doesn’t work if you have some in the candy basket on your desk.  First, they are still within arm’s reach.  Second, I’m afraid that I may stab the next person who comes in here and takes one, like any junkie crack whore would if their stash was threatened.   

2. I’m busier now and this past week than I have been in the past year.  And I like it.  After dreaming of actually being caught up on my work, which is unheard of, and being so close I could smell the unstressfullness of it all, I am happy to be buried again.  Dear Lord, what is wrong with me?  I am a sadist.  Oh wait, I work in litigation.  I already knew that.

3. I have a strong suspicion that alcohol does not play well with my Mommy’s Happy Pills that Keep Mommy from Running Far, Far Away.  I have not had any wine or the luscious, delectable Electric Smurf (aka Blue Fruity Drink) in a few days, and I feel great.  I’m seriously going to pout over this.  Because Mommy needs a drink every now and then or people could be injured.  Or maimed.  And when I went today to see the lovely doc who prescribes Mommy’s Happy Pills, I forgot to ask her.  I was too stunned by the fact that the visit was only 5 minutes long and I didn’t have anything to say except, Um, I feel great!    I’m pretty sure she’d say what the sticker on the bottle says anyway: “Do not take with alcohol”.  Damn, damn, damnity, damn, damn it all.

4. I am happy to essentially talk to myself on my blog.  Except for the one dear friend who reads my pathetic awesome ramblings.  What does that say about me?   Does it reflect a self-confidence or is it just delusional and sad?  Um, wait, don’t answer that.  Oh yeah, I’m just talking to myself anyway!  (Shut up, Cher) 🙂

5. My son seems to be equally happy to talk to himself, too!  (I should just apologize now to T for all the weirdness he’s probably inherited from me.)   He makes up crazy scenarios in the car, and just starts talking about weird crap all the time.  Sometimes a story will start off with a plausible scenario (“I hit So-and-so today” or “I was in the 3’s classroom today”) and it goes strange places from there.  You never know if he’s making it up entirely, or if there is a hint of truth there somewhere. 

6. This blog seems to be my only outlet for creativity in life.  Unless you ask my boss, who today told me that my job offers lots of creativity!  Really?  Reading medical journals and summarizing medical records is creative?  Okay, granted, sometimes I get nosy and run all kinds of searches because I become convinced that a plaintiff or witness is a sorry, no-good liar and is cuckoo-for-Coco-Puffs (aka a Whack-a-doo).  Sometimes that pans out (Go me!) and sometimes it doesn’t.  But I wouldn’t exactly call that creativity.   Making up stories about trees that talk to you and squirrels who need to find their mommy is creative.   He should ride in the car with me on the way home sometime.

Just sayin’

12 Jul

Of course, in order to ask others what they think of a new title, people would have to actually READ my blog. There I go again with my delusions…

Now to get up the balls to actually make this thing more visible on the web. Oh hell.