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WTF Friday

31 Jul

So I was contemplating my blog the other day (or lack thereof), and why it seems so hard to think of something worth blogging about anymore.  The bitching about various toxic co-workers is over because, thank the everloving Lord, they left!  It was like a Christmas miracle. 

However, there is the topic that will never die.  The attorney who is an endless pool of WTF moments.  Y’all, some of these WTF moments are so jacked up that it’s hard to even put into words.  So, in honor of all this attorney’s WTF-edness, I present to you WTF Friday. 

I walked in this morning, large coffee in hand, ready to tackle the pile of crap accumulating on my desk.  I mean, really, there’s so much fun to be had that it’s hard to choose where to start.  (There’s lots of sarcasm in that last sentence.  In case that wasn’t clear.)  Little did I know that today’s WTF moment was waiting in all it’s glory in my email.  WTF Attorney sent an email late the night before.  It seems I am to jump ASAP on setting up a deposition by videoconference in a couple of weeks.  The information I am given is the location of the deposition locally, and, drum roll please…..the state of the deponent.  That’s it.  No name, not even a city.  It’s a case I have not worked on and know absolutely nothing about.  Oh, but the equipment has to be brought to the deponent.  They will not go to a court reporters office or videoconference suite for the depo. 

I just happened to have a conversation with a legal assistant after I open this gem of an email.  At least she could tell me the witness’s name (or so she thought) and I can figure out a city or general vicinity from that. Or so I thought.  I looked up said witness’s address in the file, but it doesn’t match the  state given to me by the attorney.  So, WTF am I supposed to be able to do with such little information?