Dear nasty, cold winter…

17 Dec

You suck.  You rob me of all motivation and gumption.  I just want to hibernate in bed or wrapped up in a comfy blanket on the couch, with hot chocolate and sappy movies.  I have no motivation to summarize the deposition I brought home to work on, or wrap any presents (not that I’ve actually bought many), or deal with the piles of crap accumulating around my house.  Even though I absolutely love baking and adore cookies, I haven’t made the first one this year.  And it’s all YOUR FAULT.  Didn’t anyone tell you it’s not supposed to be crappy and nasty until after Christmas?  You know, when I’m already over winter, anyway?  Why did you have to make Christmas so miserable?

And the darkness?  Oh, I hate you, too.  Every day I watch the stupid Weather Channel and wait for the day when the sun comes up a minute earlier and sets a little bit later.   I will get excited when we get a whole 2 more minutes of sunlight.   Seriously, 9 hours of sunlight isn’t enough for anyone.  Especially when all 9 of it is spent inside my boring, vanilla colored office without any windows. 

So, please, winter, could you lay off a little bit?  At least give me a day on Christmas weekend when it’s nice enough outside for my kid to ride the new scooter he’s getting from Santa.  Because the only thing he’s asked for all year is a skateboard.  He’s 3 and not getting an actual skateboard, because that’s just asking for trips to the ER and I’m not that demented (yet), but he’s getting a very SPECIAL skateboard that comes with a handle.  And a helmet.  And lots of pads.  And possibly a bubble wrap suit.   The smile that I imagine we’ll see from beneath all that safety gear will be the most awesome thing EVER.   And I don’t want to miss that. 

Much obliged, Momalegal


One Response to “Dear nasty, cold winter…”

  1. Another ParaLegal December 20, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    Right there with ya lady! I cannot recall a December with all this nastiness so early. I keep pulling up the photo of the beach house we have reserved for next summer to motivate me…but it does not work and the season mocks me with the phrase my teens use frequently – FAIL!

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