Is that the sound of a giant vacuum or just how much the past week sucked?

19 Nov

I was going to post a vent about how bad this past week sucked.  And it did.  It sucked royally.   In a nutshell, I got a stupid cold with a cough that won’t go away, I dropped my Blackberry & screwed up the screen, and my boss’s lack of decorum and the fact that I work in the social equivalent of a junior high has made me persona non grata at work.  I know this happens everywhere and as Paralegal Hell has previously discussed (and I have previously linked to), women have a tendency to not treat other women very well in the work place.  I’m not taking it personal.  But, I’m on cold medicine, damn it, and if someone has the nerve to open their mouth to me about it, I am not responsible for my actions.  I’ll have a friend notify you if I can’t post bail and won’t be around for a while.   So, stupid cough, broken phone, pissy co-workers.  Yay.  Oh, by the way, Robitussin DM Max is the bomb.  

But, I have decided to stay positive.  (With the exception of the first paragraph.  Sorry.  Had to get that out of my system.) 

Mr. T. wanted to wear underwear to school today!  I’m hoping this is a big step because he has wanted nothing to do with the potty or undies lately.  I think I must have the most stubborn 3 year old on the face of the planet.  My kid may actually read before he willingly pees in the toilet regularly. 

The best thing of all, the thing that makes me positively giddy in light of the past sucky week, is that next week I’m on vacation.  Yep, that’s right.  All frickin’ week.  And it’s gonna be sweet.  I get to stay home and bake pies and chat for hours with one of my best friends who is traveling from out of state to hang with me over Thanksgiving.  I can’t think of anything better.  Except for maybe that Old Navy commercial where the hot shirtless guy is pushing an ice cream cart.  I have no idea what the commercial says because I always mute commercials, but the visual is enough for me.  (At least I think it’s Old Navy.) Hot guy plus ice cream.  What’s not to love?  *Ahem*  I digress.

I’ve gotten my bosses through two major depos this week and there is nothing coming up on the immediate horizon.  (Cross my fingers.)  So I won’t be worrying about what’s going on at work.  Oh!  And daycare is open Monday through Wednesday, so I have the option of keeping my little hellion home or having a wide open day to myself.  Did I mention it’s gonna be sweet?  I get to leave Lawfirm Junior High behind and forget about the stupid, snarky people, depo summaries and medical records.  There will be pie, and turkey, and sweet potato casserole, and the company of  a good friend.  I may be too blissed out to post or develop an aversion to the computer, so I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


2 Responses to “Is that the sound of a giant vacuum or just how much the past week sucked?”

  1. Paralegal Hell November 22, 2010 at 11:32 pm #

    Oh God! I totally understand.
    When I am on Dayquil, everyone better run and hide or I will rip a limb from their bodies and beat them with it if they look at me cross-eyed.

    Hope this week is better.

  2. Cher November 23, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    When I got back from NC, I had a cold. Today marks exactly 1 month since then, and I *still* have a occasional cough, and my ribcage is *still* sore from the past 3 weeks of coughing. And it’s always been like that – I have a cold for 1 week, then cough for 3 weeks and then nurse whatever muscle I pulled from all the coughing for 2 more weeks. *sigh*

    Did the ‘T wearing underwear’ day go well? *crosses fingers*

    ENJOY your vacation and forget all about those people that don’t really matter in the big picture of your life, anyway. And I say take T to daycare and be a little selfish with some time to yourself (or with your friend) – it won’t happen often so take full advantage when you can!

    Happy Turkey Day! 🙂

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