File from hell, day 2

11 Nov

So I haven’t quite made the file from hell my bitch yet, but I’m working on it. I think the file is running scared. It should be.

Yesterday just got better and better. (Insert sarcasm here.) I got another email from Boss A that he was missing a section of the nurses notes from the hospital record. Oops. Seems the copy service skipped a small section of pages when they copied the 2000+ page production for me, and I missed it. It’s bound to happen sometime. My bad.

I do feel like I should defend Atty A a bit after my tirade yesterday. Yeah, he should have checked the scanned file to see if it had everything he wanted before he left, or just asked me where to find what he was looking for. But it’s not his case, he was not all that familiar with how everything was set up, and that was what he was used to.

I mentioned it to Atty B since it’s really his file, and he just said, “Oh, he’s just grumpy, don’t let it bother you.”  Nope, doesn’t bother me.  If I took crap like that personally, I would have flown this chicken coop a LONG time ago.  I just need to know what he wants done going forward.  You know, a little communication?  Novel idea.


One Response to “File from hell, day 2”

  1. Cher November 11, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    Communication is a dying talent, unfortunately. It’s a shame because it’s really one of the simplest things EVER. You just open your mouth. We all do it every day to eat and to yawn and such – just toss out some words and voila! Where the expectation of mind reading came from I’ll never know. Can those that expect to have their mind read read others’ minds? No. Those are the people that usually fuss the most about *having* to read someone else’s mind!!

    I’m glad that Atty B recognized it wasn’t exactly the brightest thing to do (or say).

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