10 Nov

Getting ambushed is so much fun.  Today I got a lovely email from Boss A, who is attending a depo out of the office.  Apparently, he copied the scanned discovery file to his laptop before leaving, without looking at it to make sure it contained what he expected it to contain.  A little while ago I got an email proclaiming that the production should always be included with the scanned discovery responses, and now he’s there without it and I must do it ASAP!  (His exclamation point, not mine.)   

Yay.  I love getting emails yelling at me for something that I haven’t done as a matter of policy at all during my tenure at this firm, AND I cannot defend myself until he comes in the office.   If he had looked, he would have seen that the production was scanned as a separate file because it’s a bazillion pages long.  Not only that, but he would also find that the production was bookmarked by bates number and document description.    

And if that isn’t enough, if he was looking for a key policy document produced by the hospital, he would have found that it was scanned all by itself.  Because it’s important.  Just to add more fun to this already delightful situation, he hasn’t been the lead attorney on this file.  I’m not sure if he is jumping in so they can tag team this case, or if he’s just filling in for depos.  I’m pretty sure none of this would be happening if this had been his file from the get-go and he was familiar with it.  

Instead, I am the scapegoat for the moment.  I’m probably going to tell him that I haven’t been scanning the production with the discovery routinely, and he will tell me I’m wrong.  Clearly, he knows what I’ve been doing better than even I do.  And because one paralegal has been doing it this way, he assumes that it’s supposed to be done that way across the board.   

I would have an awesome defense to all of this because of the aforementioned production file that was scanned, EXCEPT that I can’t find the hospital’s production to verify that I have their production scanned in its entirety.  I suspect that the only thing that was produced other than the medical records was the policy document I scanned, but now I can’t be sure and cover my ass.  I hate an uncovered ass.  It’s the worst thing EVER.    I suspect I will find the missing production in an attorney’s office.  Just a hunch. 

This is the file from hell anyway because it’s got a bazillion records, multiple parties, and every time I try to tame this beast, something comes up and I’m pulled away.  But now I really hate it.  Me and this file?  Oh, we are going to tango this afternoon.  File from hell, you are going DOWN.


5 Responses to “Ambushed”

  1. Cher November 10, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    My favorite quote – “A lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine”. *He* forgets something, is embarrassed in front of the client and makes himself feel better by sending you a completely inappropriate email. Asking for the document “ASAP!” was fine, but making it sound like it was YOUR fault that he didn’t have it was too much. Once he’s returned to the office and calmer, I’d politely explain to him everything that you just explained to us (well – almost everything LOL) and happily offer that you will start scanning both production and discovery together if that’s what he wants as long as he understands that that hasn’t been done by anyone so previous cases’ scans will be separate.

    I have received emails like that in the past, and if I’ve honestly done something wrong, then fine. But if I have not, I will certainly make that clear in a professional way. I refuse to be used as someone else’s punching bag because no one else in the world holds them accountable. I *hate* when people do that!

    You’ll have to give Mr. T an extra big hug tonight when you get home! 🙂 He could care less about those scans.

  2. Practical Paralegalism November 10, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    You scared me. RIP file 😛

  3. Corporate Paralegal November 11, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    “We are going to tango this afternoon.” Best.Line.Ever. Do you say it with a Dirty Harry/Clint Eastwood scowl?

    • Paralegal Hell November 13, 2010 at 8:07 pm #

      Careful! You don’t want to blog about how crazy and sucky our days can be sometimes without some backlash from some other blogs 🙂
      All kidding aside, I have no worries you will demolish the file. I love that it is a file from hell- shout out?

      Love ya!


      • Momalegal November 14, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

        @ Cher – it’s all good. Just another day in the neighborhood. 😉

        @ Lynne – That file’s eulogy will be read very soon!

        @ Corporate – You know it! But instead of that huge gun, I gotta mean 3 hole punch. LOL

        @ PH – Ha! I don’t do sunshine & lollipops very well, either. 😉

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