7 Oct

Juggling seems to be the theme of my life lately.  I know I am completely not alone in this feeling.  There are plenty of people, working moms and non-moms alike, who probably think, “Welcome to the frickin’ club!  You want a cookie or something?”  (And truthfully, I will never say no to a cookie.)  Anymore, it just seems like if I’m not juggling chores at home, I’m juggling cases at work, bouncing back and forth between working on my own cases and assisting our newbie paralegal get her feet under her, and juggling my own time of what I want to accomplish and what I need to accomplish.  Oh yeah, I also have a husband that I have to fit in there somewhere.  Just yesterday I was thinking that I am adding more to my plate with volunteering as the treasurer on the parent board for my son’s preschool and committing more of myself to my blog, when I have been whining all along that I never have enough time.  However, I felt a bit more energized and challenged; ready to tackle anything and everything.  Um, can you say temporary insanity?  Maybe it’s the permanent variety instead. 

Then reality comes crashing down, as usual.  I received an email from Boss A letting me know of a depo that was just scheduled and the need to have two very voluminous depositions summarized before then.  Which reminds me that I just got some additional medical records in this case which need to be organized, summarized and disseminated to the experts, then I must update my memo concerning records we still need.  And there’s a large stack of medical bills from the plaintiff in that case that are mocking me from the corner of my desk.

I have another stack of medical records received via authorization in another case that need to be logged, bates stamped and produced to other parties before also being organized, summarized and disseminated.  Never mind that we are quickly approaching a trial date on a case that I knew nothing about two months ago.  And a huge case that was in limbo is now back in action.  I think I’ll stop here before my brain implodes.

I’ve always performed better when I was challenged, but this is borderline ridiculous. What the hell is wrong with me?  I know I’m a masochist because, hello, I work in litigation and more specifically medical malpractice.  But I really do feel like I’ve gotten out of my rut mentally since taking on more.  Your Honor, I plead insanity. 

On the home front, T is beginning to show some little signs of being ready to use the potty.  Yay!  He told his teachers the other day that he wanted to wear his undies and did sit on the potty, but didn’t go.  He had 1 accident in his undies and was wearing another pair when I picked him up.  Since we were going out to dinner, and I am NOT brave enough to try public outings without vinyl covers or Pull-ups, he went back into a Pull-up when we got home.  But – at least he’s thinking about it.  On the way home last night, he said he wanted to go potty.  Unfortunately, it’s a long ride home and by the time we got there, he changed his mind.  But, again, he’s thinking about it!  Oh, and he’s turning into such a little BOY and not the sweet, cuddly toddler he used to be.  Yesterday, his toy dinosaur was eating a sweet little chick finger puppet from last Easter.  It used to be that his animal friends played together and raced monster trucks.  Now they are carnivorous.  *sigh* Another bittersweet reminder that my little guy is growing up.


4 Responses to “Juggling”

  1. Paralegal Hell October 7, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    Just wait for the very painful pulling away from you when you try to hug them. Ouch!
    They grow up so damn fast.

    • Another ParaLegal October 7, 2010 at 9:11 pm #

      Yes, PH they do that pulling away for a while, then suddenly you are “okay” again…when they are 16 and want keys to the car! I get hugs and kisses in public again now and it is as sweet now as it was 15 years ago. Little boys in men’s bodies are so funny.

  2. Practical Paralegalism October 7, 2010 at 4:40 pm #

    Oh, Sweetie, I feel your pain. As mom to three (and counting the seconds until the youngest two go to college ’cause I am so over the first round of Empty Nest Syndrome :P), I have a few simple rules:

    1. Run when any PTA member even looks in your direction.
    2. Write a check to the school instead of selling $30 containers of popcorn you’ll just eat by yourself at your desk.
    3. Hug your husband and tell him how wonderful he is, and then while he’s basking in the lovely warm glow, tell him it’s his night to fix dinner.

    Rhetorical question here, but how come we never see any men enthusiastically cleaning bathrooms, dreamily mopping kitchens or excitedly vacuuming white carpet in TV commercials?

  3. Cher October 8, 2010 at 3:23 pm #

    How funny; you thrive on stress, and it shuts me down completely. I really don’t think you’re crazy. You like to be busy, you like to have a list of things to do because – although it seems daunting – you’d be out of your mind without it. I’m like that at home; not work. I’ve ALWAYS got something to do at home, and I’d go nuts if I didn’t.

    I’ve noticed that some weeks seem busier than others. Some seem to casually glide by with no stress, no “I’ve got to be *here* at *this* time” type stuff and I can skip merrily down the street at my leisure without a care in the world. Then other weeks are HELL on EARTH; I’ve got NO time for anything, I’m late, there are errands that I can’t get to for days on end and I end up wanting to just go home, pick up Henna and barricade myself in my room with her. Worse part is I have *absolutely* no idea what the difference is. It’s not a lack of planning or paying attention or anything on my part; I just don’t get it.

    And YAY for T showing interest in using the big boy potty! (I’m still trying to decide what to get him…)

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