Ruts…and things.

15 Sep

I am totally stuck in a rut.  Rut at work, rut at home….and that pretty much covers it because, again, I’m in a rut & don’t do anything else!  I hate ruts, they suck hard core.   *sigh* I had this big old whiny post written out but decided that’s not the way I want to go. 

Ruts at work are not as bad as ruts at home, but it still sucks.  I sit here from 8:30 (oh, okay more like 8:45) until 5:30 every day, with lunch with the girls thrown in a couple of times a week.  Maybe it’s because there are not a lot of cases coming in lately, but I’m just bored.  One of the good things about medical malpractice is we’re always learning new things.  There’s always a new procedure to research, new medication or a new aspect of something to figure out.  But lately I’m all, “Blah, blah, blah, whatever, is it 5:30 yet?” 

Of course, it’s even worse when you go home and it’s more of the same there, as well.   Hubby and I last night briefly mentioned our mutual assessment of the rut, and decided we need to find a babysitter.  So far, my mom has been the only one who has babysat T, with the exception of this past weekend when he stayed with my stepmom.  But for reasons I will not bore you & myself with (mostly of the “cuckoo for Coco Puffs” variety), I’m not feeling warm & fuzzy about my mom keeping him lately.  Let’s just say my mom has the emotional maturity of, um, a 10 year old and I’m tired of dealing with it.  So we come home, eat dinner, put T to bed, and either watch TV, DVR’d shows or maybe some friendly competition on the Wii (I kick his ass at mini-golf on a regular basis – hee hee).   I know, thrilling, right?    The weekend is pretty much more of the same, except with some errands, additional house cleaning  and a trip to the playground thrown in. 

Is this just what happens after doing medical malpractice defense for 10 years and being married for 14?  Eh, I’m probably just in a funky mood, but I’m ready for something to happen!  (And at this point you’re probably thinking, “And this isn’t the big old whiny post?”)

On a good note, our Newbie Paralegal seems to be working out pretty good.  I like her attitude and she’s easy to work with.  Another what you see is what you get person, like me.   The soul-sucker seems to be steering clear for the time being, so I’m really happy about that!

T is loving his new daycare.  And I love that there is so much communication with his new teachers, that it’s a much smaller school and more intimate environment.  It may be my imagination because I’m so in love with the new school, but he seems to be talking in bigger and bigger sentences and using new and bigger words all the time.  Last night he decided he was scared of the wall in his bedroom, which was probably just a stall tactic so I wouldn’t leave, but then he said “It’s dangerous!”  I had to try really hard not to crack up!  He also got his first big boo-boo this past weekend.  Hubby took him to the playground to run around while I worked on a depo summary at home (see, you’re jealous of my exciting life, right?).  Apparently Hubby turned around for a second after they got out of the car and T somehow fell in the gravel and cut his knee.  It was a pretty good cut, but he took it like a trooper and hardly cried.  He never even cried when we cleaned it up at home.  I felt so bad for him though, because he was so excited to be there and he didn’t even get to play on anything.   Daddy tried to make it up to him when they got home by giving him a new matchbox car that we were saving for potty bribes treats.  Of course, it’s kinda funny that it was a big, green “rescue” firetruck!


3 Responses to “Ruts…and things.”

  1. Paralegal Hell September 16, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    You get to have lunch with friends? I am so freakin jealous!!

    Everyone gets in a rut. It is part of life. The awesome thing is that you and hubby see it and are taking steps to spice things up. That is really good. The problems come when you try not to do anything about it- then people start to drift away from each other.

    Good for you! Get yourself to Victoria’s Secret!

    Paralegal Hell

    • mom2tomtom September 17, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

      Yes, there a few of us that have to escape every so often for lunch, for the sake of our sanity, and the well-being of those around us! There are some days, that if I didn’t leave, I may just get up and go screaming down the hall. All the way to the parking lot. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. (Random thought – does anyone play Monopoly anymore?)
      Thanks, Paralegal – I am glad that hubby & I can talk about those things – it helps so much. Unfortunately, he’s now getting a nasty cold so I’m keeping my distance. But not for long! LOL

  2. Cher September 20, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    I agree with Paralegal. Ruts are unavoidable. Humans are prone to routines, especially those like us that are structured and organized to a fault. There are all different types of ruts, too. You and Hubby have always been able to discuss anything and everything, so I’d say narrow down to exactly what kind of rut you’re in and then brainstorm to come up with some options of how to get out of it. Are there places that you’ve been wanting to go? Something that you’ve wanted to try? Is there a couple that you two could spend more time with? Often little weekend trips away help keep ruts at bay, as well. 🙂

    I’m very glad to hear that little man likes his new daycare. Whew!!

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