23 Aug

the cashier at Party City called me “Gorgeous”. I’m pretty sure he was just being nice & hoping for repeat business, but I still enjoyed it!  Hey, these days, I take it where I can get it!     And that actually reminds me of something that happened when we were in the car on my birthday, coming back from dinner.  The best part of my birthday was when my son said, “Mommy,  you very pretty!”   That was the exact moment he completed the act of wrapping me around his little finger.  Just for the record.  (Also for the record, it began the moment I saw his dimples for the first time. Like 0.5 seconds after birth.)  That super sweet moment almost made me forget he told me I had a big butt the week before…almost. 

Besides trying to focus on work in the midst of planning a birthday party, and pretty much just trying to stay awake, I am thinking of changing T’s daycare.  The teachers have been great with him, and he’s learned so much, however the management has changed since the previous director retired this past Spring.  I loved his old director.  She was sweet, motherly and just all kinds of awesome.  She knew all of “her kids” in the school and sat at the front desk on a regular basis, chatting with parents all the time.  She always asked me how I was doing and genuinely cared about  my answer.   If she wanted to be BFF’s, I totally would!  And don’t even ask if I’d switch her out for my mom.  That wouldn’t even be a question.  The new management doesn’t know my son from Adam, and they recently pissed me off royally by lying to me about something that wouldn’t have been a big deal if they just said, I’m sorry, it was a mistake.  I’m unhappy with them, and it is not going away.

So now I’m faced with A)finding a new daycare that will still challenge him developmentally since he’s ahead of his age group, and B)how do I tell him that I’m uprooting him from a place he has been almost as much as his own home since he was 8 weeks old?  It’s the only daycare he has ever known, and he has friends there that he’s known, um, well, his entire short little life!  It will work out, but it’s just yet another thing makes it so complicated to balance work, child, husband, home and still leave a tiny sliver of time for me.   I feel like my brain is completely compartmentalized, like those cool bento boxes, except I have a hard time mixing the teriyaki veggies with the rice in the other compartment.  It’s hard to turn off the mommy part of my brain, and turn on the paralegal part, and vice versa. 

Now I’ve gotten all whiny and well….whiny, and that’s no fun at all!  On the up side, T’s monster truck birthday cake has been ordered, more people are coming that I expected, and I’m going to finalize the food order in a day or so.  I picked up the last of the paper products today.  Yay!  I love having something happy to focus!  (And it’s so much more interesting that work…..pheh.)


One Response to “Today…”

  1. Cher August 24, 2010 at 9:08 am #

    It cracks me up when someone calls me “ma’am”. Seriously? LOL How about just ‘miss’?

    It’s a good thing Tommy redeemed himself with a compliment on your birthday! Honesty is good, but there is such a thing as too much. I don’t blame you for wanting to change his day care. Is he very attached, or do you think he’ll take the change as well as he can for a little guy? Some are so emotionally attached, but others don’t even bat an eye. I’ll cross my fingers for the latter!

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