One more thing…

6 Jul

I’m considering changing the format and topic of my blog.   I love having this as a way to memorialize some things T has done and said, including my feelings and responses at the time.  However, it does feel a little stale.  I’ve recently found some completely awesome and inspiring blogs by fellow paralegals.  Some are informative and very professional; others seem to be venting or blog-therapy of some sort but funny nontheless.  I also explored some other Mommy blogs.  So maybe I can come up with my own hybrid.  I’m considering something that more accurately reflects my life as full-time paralegal and all-the-time mom and wife.   To me, how to juggle all of that and remain a sane individual is particularly interesting and completely vexing!  Maybe being able to articulate and vent some of my daily ramblings and struggles will help decrease my wine and liquor budget.  And just maybe, I might blog more than once every 6 months. 

So, how about a new name for the blog?  All I got so far is “Mom-alegal”.  Hmm….


One Response to “One more thing…”

  1. Cher July 13, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    I think you should blog about whatever you want; work, T, family, friends, politics, whatever. And I like “Mom-alegal”…very clever! You could title it “Mom-alegal’s Menagerie of Musings”. 🙂

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