What the?!

6 Jul

It seems every time I turn around, life has progressed another 6 months and I barely knew it.   It’s July.  How in the bleepity-bleep did that happen?  One minute, I’m just going along, hoping Spring comes soon and it will be warm; the next thing I know it’s 90+ degrees outside and it’s July!   I’m having to remind myself that I’m no longer waiting for summer, but that it’s actually upon us.   What the hell. 

It also recently hit me that my little T will be 3 in only 2 months.  Actually, less than 2 months now.  And at that point summer will be over.  (Why so much reference to summer?  I dunno, it’s always been my favorite time of the year and a good gauge of time going by since the new school year always started after summer.)   Sometimes I can’t get over how tall T is and how much he looks like a little boy now.  I feel silly referring to him as a “toddler”.   Although he still has zip interest in potty training, which bring me back to the reality that he is, in fact, 2 years  old still.   I’ve tried bribery, peer pressure (Did you see Aiden at school today?  He was going potty, right?  He wears big boy undies! Don’t you want to be like Aiden?), rewarding with candy, rewarding with stickers, rewarding with temporary tattoos,reasoning (as much as you can with a 2 year old), and all to no avail.  I’ll ask him if he wants to go potty, and sometimes he says yes.  I try not to act too excited, and try to get him to the potty before  the increasingly small window of opportunity closes.  Most times, we’ll get to the potty and he will abruptly change his mind.   I dunno.  I have commiserated with fellow mommies who all tell me that he’s just not ready yet.  Give it time.  It will be super easy when he is ready.  Meanwhile, I am so sick of Huggies Pull-Ups I could scream.   I keep telling myself that he won’t be going to kindergarten in Pull-Ups.  I hope.

Meanwhile, he is still super cute and funny and smart.  He knows when to flash those dimples to his advantage, that’s for sure!  We were playing with him on our bed a while back, tickling him and messing with him.  I scooped him up and hugged him, and told him I loved him.  His reply: “I love you crazy guys!”  Hilarious, and sweet, and completely Mommy-melting all at the same time.   He has really gotten into imaginary play lately.  Usually it involves him driving one of his toy cars and I drive another.  Then we repeatedly crash into one another for no apparent reason.  The other day in the car he suddenly said, “Mommy, you hit me!”  At first, I was confused.  No, I don’t beat my child.  We rarely even spank his hand or bottom unless he’s really out of control.  (Which is rare, thank goodness.)  I replied, “No, I didn’t hit you.”  “Yes, yes you did Mommy.  You hit my car.”  Ooooh, we’re back to imaginary car land and I caused a wreck.  Lord, I hope he doesn’t tell the daycare teachers things like that!

Speaking of daycare teachers, he has also taken to telling “tall tales”.  His teachers asked me one day if we had a pool.  Nope.  Apparently he told them he was going to go home and go swimming.  We did have a baby pool in the backyard, which we blew up one weekend.  He wouldn’t even sit in it.  He would stand in the water, and bend over to play with his trucks, or boats or whatever he had.  But he refused to sit in it!   He also told me once that he hit a friend.  Given his proclivity for tattling on himself, this was entirely possible.  I kept questioning him,  hoping to find out what happened and if he apologized.  Then, the tale grew longer.  He and Friend were running down the hall.  Then he hit Friend and Friend hit him.  There were some other shenanigans thrown in there that I don’t remember.  I asked his teachers if they were running in the hall and if he hit Friend the day before.  They looked at me like I was crazy, so I chalked it up to another installment of “T’s tall tales”.

He hit me one day, right after I walked in his classroom, with “You going to be mad at me”.  Oh boy.  Nothing good ever starts that way.  T proceeded to tell me that he “wasn’t listening.”  I never did find out what he wasn’t listening about, but he ratted himself out.  The next AM, I told his teachers (usually the ones in the AM stay most of the day and leave before I pick him up after 5:30) about this and they all rolled!   Let’s see how long this complete honesty thing lasts…. It’s a good thing he’s got those dimples!


One Response to “What the?!”

  1. Cher July 13, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    I’m surprised that he resists the potty training so. The tall tales crack me up. His imagination is in full swing!

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