This day in the life of T…

20 Apr

I think I should just change the name of this blog to “This Day in the Life of T”.  Because it’s mostly about him anyway and if I could succinctly write a few things that he did that day or memorable quotes (and he has a lot of them), it might be easier to sit down and blog more often!  Obviously, it’s not working otherwise. 

Monday, April 19th, 2010:  Today in the life of T…. on the way to school in the morning he first tried to tell me school was closed.  Then he said he was a lion, the Food Lion, to be precise and pretended to eat all the signs on the interstate.  Since he had gotten in trouble at school on Friday, I quizzed him on the way home to make sure he had behaved himself.  The great thing about 2 year olds is they readily tattle on themselves.  He told me that he didn’t stand against the wall (outside the bathroom where they have to wait on the other kids) when the teacher told him to.  He said he went back out outside.   I asked him if the teacher told him it was okay to go back outside or if he left without permission, obviously not thinking he might not know what “permission” meant.  He thought for a second and said, “No, mommy, I left without ‘mission.” 

To catch up a bit, and to memorialize a few things that happened recently, this past Saturday we were visiting my mom.  T crawled up beside me in the chair on the porch and my mom asked if he’d come and sit with her so she could see him.  He said “No, I sit beside my mommy”.  I encouraged him to go see Mamaw since he sees me all the time, but he refused.  He then turned to Mamaw and said, “Mommy is at the office all the time”.  And then my heart broke into a million pieces.  *sigh*

Last week he was saying “Fighting” over and over as I buckled him in the carseat in the morning.  I asked him who was fighting and without hesitation he said, “Daddy”.  And who was Daddy fighting?  After a second of reflection he said, “A tree.  He fight a tree and the tree was down on the ground.”  Oh, okay.  Then he told me that he was fighting the tree with Daddy.  Except Daddy was fighting a big tree and he was fighting a little tree.  He squeezed it with his toy pliers.  Who knew I had two lumberjacks in the house?


One Response to “This day in the life of T…”

  1. Cher June 29, 2010 at 1:23 pm #

    I’d like to hear more “day in the life of T” stories myself! The office comment would have got me, too!

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