It won’t be like this for long

24 Aug

There’s both hope and a bittersweet sentiment to the phrase “It won’t be like this for long”.  Hubby played a country song with this title in the car last night, and it was kinda sad.  It was a story about a dad watching his little girl grow up.  I feel the same way – sometimes I’m glad some of the frustrations won’t last, but at the same time that means T will be growing up and we’ll never have that phase in life again. 

This morning was a real doozy.  I woke up late and started scrambling to get T ready for school.  He cried because I wouldn’t let him brush his teeth before he ate breakfast.  (Seriously, how many kids beg to brush their teeth?)  I finally cajoled him downstairs with the promise he could brush them after he ate.  With T thoroughly entranced with cartoons on Noggin and noshing on a cereal bar and yogurt smoothie, I was free to scramble to get myself ready.  I became somewhat presentable, shoo’d the dog into her kennel, got T down from his high chair, ready to go, and began the bargaining routine to get him out the door.  “What toy do you want to bring in the car?….No, you can’t take your ride-on dump truck.  It’s too big. …Yes, you can bring the (insanely noisy but it keeps him happy) race car.  Now, let’s go!”   So I finally get packed up and succeed in pushing T out the front door.  It locks behind me and I put one hand on my purse – to discover my keys are inside.  Beautiful.  And of course, Hubby hasn’t put the spare key out like I asked him to a few dozen times. 

So long story short, Hubby has to drive from a hour away to let us in.  (Serves him right, I guess, for not putting the key out.) Thankfully, the front porch had plenty of toys to keep T busy, and I had thought to bring a sippy cup with juice for the car.  Most importantly, my cell phone got a signal, which is a rare event.  For all of that, I am very thankful.  It could have been much worse. 

Someday I won’t have to wake T up, fix his breakfast, and bargain over what toys he can bring in the car.  One day he’ll get up when his alarm rings, dress himself, pour cereal, and get ready for school on his own.  He’ll probably even GLADLY run out the front door!  I’ll have all that time to myself….and I’ll probably wish for these hectic days again.  Along with a million other crazy moments.

For the Little T timeline – he now says “Bless you, Mommy” when I sneeze.  It’s so darn cute!  I guess he learned that at school.  Unfortunately, he also will tell you to “Go away”.  And besides begging to brush his teeth, he also begs to read books and take a bath.  Do you know how hard it is to refuse to read another book before bed?  This past week he started in the 2 year-old classroom!  He’s doing really well and the teachers are already impressed he knows some shapes.  But he still cries sometimes when I drop him off.  Another “it won’t be like this for long” moment.   Remind me of this post when we really begin potty training in earnest, which is right around the corner.


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