Mama is fading…

27 Jul

from T’s vocabulary, that is.  He’s taken to calling us Mommy & Daddy.  Sometimes Mama & Dada are still tossed around, but more & more he’s saying it the other way.  Apparently he was listening to our teenage nieces in the car the other day talking about their Mom & Dad.  The next thing you know, he’s chanting “Mom, Dad….Mom, Dad!”  I am SO not ready for that.  I’m still getting accustomed to the fact that “Mama” is on it’s way out.  *sigh*

This morning I was carrying my Buccaneers coffee mug, which I hadn’t used in ages.  T looked at it and said “Dada hat”.  Yep, he’s used to seeing the logo on Hubby’s favorite hat.  He makes so many connections by himself.  His color repertoire is growing.  He now knows pink, brown, white and sometimes black, thanks in most part to our nieces who were visiting last week.  The little sponge amazed them both!


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