Mommy brain

22 Dec

Why is it that I have wonderful intentions of doing something, like this blog for instance, and then can never follow through?  Ugh, it’s so frustrating and I only have myself to blame.   A million times since Nov 22nd I’ve thought, “I should blog about (insert subject)”, and then 30 minutes later, I’m trying to remember exactly what it was I wanted to blog about.  The entire thought just disappears out of my head.  Or I can remember it, and never find the time.  

Until I had a child, I could not comprehend how someone could suddenly develop “mommy brain”.  Which is, apparently, the ability to instantly forget something, lose track of important items (like car keys) within a matter of seconds, and get completely frazzled over nothing.  And I could be the poster child for it lately.   I used to be very proud of my memory and ability to juggle multiple tasks.  Not anymore.  I’m sure there are a million moms out there who work full time, are completely organized, have a neat house that’s not cleaned by someone else, can put nutritionally complete meals on the table before 9 p.m., and give their cherubs a bath before snuggling them into bed.   But I think I have to finally accept that I won’t be among their ranks.   Then again, I don’t think I’ve actually seen one of these perfect phantom moms outside of my own tortured imagination. 

But anyway, so much has happened in little T’s life in the last few weeks.  He continues to amaze me.  And he’s so darn funny!  He had his first sleep over at Mamaw’s house and had a blast playing with cousin A.  We were so stunned by the ability to do whatever and anything, that we did almost nothing.  We planned on dinner and a concert.  We got started too late to manage the concert, but did have a nice dinner out, and then we completely floundered from there.  We wound up doing a little shopping, buying a movie to watch and staying up way too late watching that.   Not a lot different from an evening WITH Mr. T, but next time we’ll plan it better.

And little T got his first haircut!  He was so well behaved.  He sat in the chair like a little man, all on his own, and watched as the stylist trimmed his little curls off.  *Sigh*  It was bittersweet.  He looks so grown up now, but that’s something else I have to accept, along with the fact that I might not get back to this blog for a couple of weeks – so Merry Christmas!


One Response to “Mommy brain”

  1. Cher December 29, 2008 at 2:28 pm #

    Hmm….I certainly don’t have ‘mommy brain’, so what’s my excuse for being forgetful? LOL

    I’ve never seen a mom that had it all together….well maybe in the 50’s when the women stayed at home….but in OUR time, all of us are run ragged. I have faith in your ability though. 🙂

    That’s awesome about the haircut. Many scream and pitch a fit. Can’t wait to see pictures when you update!!

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