First snow, and other musings

22 Nov

Yesterday we woke up to a fresh snow, unexpectedly.  I was thrilled but the bummer part was that it was a weekday and no one had any time to play in it. 😦  T didn’t seem terribly impressed.  In fact, he was downright upset when he touched the snow on my car and it was cold and stuck to his hand!  Guess he doesn’t like the cold, like his mama.  Unfortunately, it melted pretty quick, except for a narrow strip on the shady part of our garage roof.  Can’t exactly play in that, now can we?

And once again, we’re dealing with a snotty, wheezy child.  I hate it when he starts wheezing, it makes me worry so much and I almost panic.  But the doctor assured me that he was is okay, and his coughing has let up some, thank goodness.  

Do you think that would slow T down?  Nooooo.  He’s tearing around the house at full speed, harassing the cat (No, T, the cat doesn’t want your sippy cup in his face) and climbing on Dada.  And he’s almost got the hand motions down to “Itsy Bitsy Spider”!  He’s pretty much got “If You’re Happy and You Know It” down, too.  I’m continually amazed at how fast he learns new things.  He’s constantly surprising me.  Last night I was picking him up at daycare, and while I gathered his things, he was playing in a clear box full of big round pieces that fit together.  I told him it was time to go and to put them back.  He put them back in the box on the shelf, and then stopped, and pulled the box out further.  I thought he was going to conveniently forget that we were leaving, but then he picked up another plastic piece out of the box, but this one was square-ish, instead of rounded.  Then he put the square piece in the box next to it, with all the other square pieces.  I was impressed!  But he is a Virgo, after all.  Now let’s see if he can organize the pantry…


One Response to “First snow, and other musings”

  1. Cher November 24, 2008 at 4:36 pm #

    Regan has had snow a couple times already. I’d love to see snow in Blue Ridge, but it’ll be too warm for that. (Don’t forget to pencil us in for Sunday night!)

    That’s an interesting story about daycare. I would have to think it would be fascinating to watch the development of their mind and actions as they learn and discover new things.

    If he gets the pantry down, send him to Florida for a week, would ya? 🙂

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