What exactly is it that I am doing here?

13 Nov

Apparently I am a glutton for punishment and decided that I needed another venue for my sometimes incoherent babbling.  Or maybe I have decided that taking up some form of writing again is part of the “reclaiming of me”, after 12 years of marriage and now 14 months of motherhood.  It’s so incredibly easy to lose yourself into all of that…stuff.  Oh yeah, and add in a full time job that doesn’t exactly encourage creativity.  So I guess it’s just inevitable that I would decide that I needed some outlet to chronicle my observations, fears, and all that other gobbledigook that seems to float around my brain.

Be that as it may, I’ve always admired others who had witty or interesting blogs.  And I’ve always wanted to be able to “journal” on a regular basis, but never had the time nor the discipline for it.  And I’ve always regretted not continuing some form of writing. I started writing around the 4th grade, attending Writers Camp at the Poynter Institute for two summers (sounds impressive doesn’t it?), wrote dozens and dozens of essays throughout middle school and high school, and even a short story in 6th grade (which got an A, I might add), and actually flourished in my AP English class my senior year thanks to my abilities.  Then I dropped it like a bad habit the minute I discovered that I didn’t need English II in college, by the grace of a good score on my AP English exam.  That’s not any way to treat something that God gave you, is it? 

So here it is, good or bad.  My attempt to reclaim a part of myself that I lost, or to be more accurate, cast aside years ago.  Don’t rag on me too hard.


One Response to “What exactly is it that I am doing here?”

  1. Cher November 13, 2008 at 6:37 pm #

    Awesome! I’m in and will certainly read! 🙂

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